2009, video projection on a 15m high tower on all four sides

The video installation Adventure was made for music festival Lowlands in 2009.

It is made for a tower of scaffolding pipes with sails on all sides.
I had the sails on the corners and edges printed with images of weathered stained glass.
When it got dark, 4 projections on each side of the tower showed an animation of a world made of brick stairs.

In the animation people climb the stone tower to stay there and do their thing to make their world more interesting.
They do things like awaken butterflies, sowing, and make waterfalls so that mushrooms will start to grow.
Every 5 minutes their world collapses and all people flee down again.
Then it starts all over again.

The animation makes beauty and danger of life visible in a very simplified way, such as in a computer game.