2007, video projection on textile, antique chairs
In the collection of Museum de Fundatie.

This video installation was created for an exhibition for Museum de Fundatie in 2007. A selection of graduates from the ArtEZ Art Academy in Zwolle showed their work in combination with artwork from the permanent collection of Museum de Fundatie.

The work ‘Conservation’ was created by integrating antique chairs from the museum collection into the work of art. The chairs are illuminated with video projections of plantlike patterns, which slowly overgrow the chairs. These patterns are inspired by 17th century wallpaper, designed by Daniël Marot, which hangs in Kasteel het Nijenhuis (part of Museum de Fundatie).

The artwork is a speculation on man who conserve precious objects and tries to keep them in good condition, like holding pieces of time that are over. Kasteel het Nijenhuis, where many old items are conserved under the right climate control, contributed to this idea.